Seven Gods of Darkness

The Seven Gods of Darkness

Also called the Fallen Gods, the Dark Gods, and the Gods of Evil. After the Godswar, where the fifteen original deities defeated the Mad Gods of Chaos and cast them into confinement, a split developed among the gods. This led to the Hellwars, wherein the deities of good and evil made war on each other, until the Dark Gods were finally cast out into the Abyss. From there they schemed until the tyranny of the Brightlords drove many of the non-human races to worship of the Gods of the Abyss, giving them enough power to exploit the divisions among Gods of Light and stage the overthrow of Solistra, weakening the Gods of Light so much that the Dark Gods have been in ascendency ever since. The Blood Elves are still strong devotees of the Dark Gods, as is Dark Khoresh and ancient Malabar was also committed to the worship of the Dark Gods, even making it the official religion of the Empire. Even in the areas of the West dominated by the Palladian Church, the worship of the Dark Gods runs strong, especially among the aristocracy and those who are malcontents with the rule of the Palladian Archimandrite.

The dogma of the Dark Church is fairly simple. Take what you want, do as you please, just don’t get caught. Obey laws, so long as they favor you, obey authority, unless you can avoid its attention, and accept nothing less then what you are entitled to. It’s dog eat dog, get ahead at all costs mantra is very popular among the powerful, and even the poor see the advantages of a religion that blesses attempts to get ahead in life. Each individual Dark God has tenets of their own that individual worshippers may adopt, but overall they see the advantages of maintaining a basic, minimum dogma as a bedrock for the Pantheon’s belief system. As for organization, Dark Khoresh has a High Priest of Shadows, who is a powerful official in the Pharaoh’s administration, the Blood Elves’s Emperor is also Grand Priest of the Dark Gods, and under Malabar, the Grand Magisterium of the Dark Faith administered the faith throughout the Empire. Officially in the West, there is now no organized branch of the Dark Faith since the collapse of the Malabar Empire, but numerous local cults and small temples exist, even under threat of Palladian witch hunters or Sollistran scourges.

Zhath the Blood Red Serpent

Chief and eldest of the gods of darkness, the Blood Red Serpent is the Lawful Evil god of Magic, Evil, and Knowledge. His faith is one of organized, disciplined, rational evil and self interest, and is a favorite of tyrants, despots, and evil arcane practitioners. His cleric, sorcerer, and wizard followers receive one extra spell per spell level that they can cast per day. His appearance is of a snake headed man with red scales, and his symbol is a coiled, red serpent. His temples tend to be grand, massive affairs, supported by state funds with a hierarchical priesthood.

Gorath the Destroyer of Cities

The Destroyer is the Neutral Evil god of violence and destruction, and all those who consider violence as the solution to all problems. His domains are Destruction, War, and Strength, and his faith is a favorite of warriors generals and conquerors of all stripes. His cleric and fighter and barbarian followers get +2 to their Strength. His appearance is of a massive man, wearing blood stained plate armor, wielding a massive bladed axe. His symbol is a burning axe. His temples tend to be like fortresses, well defended, with plenty of guards and the grisly heads of dead opponents dedicated in his name by his followers.

Djalla the Blood Witch

The Blood Witch is the Chaotic Evil goddess of death and malevolence, and all those who prefer to scheme from the shadows. Her domains are Knowledge, Death, and Evil, and her faith is favored by ambitious individuals who feel frustrated by the society or system they’re in. Her clerics, warlock, sorcerer, and witch followers receive +2 to their prime casting stat. Her appearance is that of a comely young woman wearing a black cloak, and she has four crimson eyes. Her symbol is four red eyes on a black circle. Her temples are usually hidden affairs, small, with blood stained altars under her smiling statues were her sacrifices are tortured to death for their insults to her followers.

Amaan the White Ape

The White Ape, also known as the Pale Hunter, is the Neutral Evil deity of the hunt, and represents nature in all its bloody fury and hate of civilization. His faith is very primal and savage, and his followers tend to by outcasts and fringe dwellers of society. His domains are Animal, Strength, and Destruction. His clerics, and druid and ranger followers get +1 to their base attack. He appears as a massive, scarred white gorilla in leather armor, wielding a massive club. His symbol is four red slashes like claw marks on a white background. His temples are shadowy, hidden affairs, where smoky altars hold screaming sacrifices underneath brooding bestial ape statues.

Malkoth, the Golden Spider

The Golden Spider is the Lawful Evil deity of wealth and greed, encouraging his followers to accumulate wealth and physical comforts by any means possible. His is very popular among rapacious rulers and merchants. His domains are Evil, Luck, and Law. His clerics, and rogue and bard followers are immune to charm effects and can take ten on Perception checks. He appears as a massive, golden colored web spinning spider, and his symbol is a golden web. His temples are large, elaborate buildings, in which spiders of all shapes and sizes dwell freely. His faith demands of followers the sacrifice of first born to feed the temple spiders, and sacrifices are required of slaves and captives, especially debtors, on holy days.

Hajan the Crimson Seductress

The Crimson Seductress, also called the Devourer of Innocence, is the Chaotic Evil goddess of lust, seduction, and corruption. She is very popular among those who live their lives by charm and persuasion, and who use those charms to move ahead in life. Her domains are Chaos, Trickery, and Charm, and her cleric, bard, and warlock followers receive +2 to Charisma. Her appearance is of a young woman, of great beauty and physical attributes, with tattoos oozing blood on her body. Her symbol is of intertwined red and white roses around a skull. Her temples are large, ornate affairs, and her altars are full of discarded lovers screaming out their last moments under her radiant statues.

Shushestri, Mother of Night

The Mother of Night, the Dark Goddess, is the Neutral Evil goddess of stealth and intrigue, a favorite of thieves and all those who increase their happiness by taking it from others. Her domains are Darkness, Trickery, and Travel. Her clerics, and bard, rogue, and warlock followers can take ten on all Stealth rolls. She appears as a shadowy, female shape under dark robes. Her symbol is a dagger twined by bloody thorns. Her temples are dark, hidden, shadowy places, usually the headquarters of a thieves guild, and her followers tithe a portion of every theft to her temple.

Seven Gods of Darkness

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