Other Human Deities

Solistra, the Lady of Radiance

Once one of the Chief Gods of Heaven, leader during the Hellwars and the Godswar, Solistra was once one of the most revered of deities, but the actions of her most devoted followers, the Brightlords, tarnished her religion and eventually led to her being cast out of the Seven Gods of Light following their defeat by the Dark Gods during the Second Godswar. Now, excluded from the Palladian Church, her worship and Church of the Imperial Sun survives mostly in the larger cities on the coast of the Inland Sea, where her doctrine of order is still well received. Her Paladins, the Order of the White Sun, are still respected, though over the years her religion has become more and more lawful at the expense of good, which causes many religions to worry that should the faith regain power, another fiasco like the Brightlords rule would occur. Solistra is a Lawful Good deity, with strong neutral tendencies, and her domains are Law, Sun, and War. Her clerics and paladins have the granted power of Sunfire, able to add their charisma modifier as holy and fire damage to all attacks.

Salarani, the Rose Goddess of the East

Salarani is a young goddess, a daughter of Solistra, who has become one of the main gods of the East, particularly in Sirahjistan. She is a kind, beloved Goddess, and is the patron of women. Her religion, though young, is making converts all throughout Sirahjistan and Agrahj. It is even spreading West, through Shahharzhad, which tolerates the new faith as long as it doesn’t challenge the balance. Salarani’s main tenets are that of doing good, treating all with respect, and challenging evil and oppression. This has naturally made her faith unpopular with the followers of the Dark Gods, and even the Palladian Church and Sollistran Church frown on Salarani’s naïve focus on simple good. Her female clerics and paladins, though, have shown no lack of faith, and their ability to forge coalitions of good aligned people often compensates for the hostility they receive from the Dark Gods and their followers.

Salarani’s alignment is Lawful Good, though her followers may be of any good alignment. Her domains are Good, Healing, and Protection. Her clerics and paladins receive two extra channels a day, are at +2 to the DCs of their Channel, and are at +1d6 to their Channel effect. Her clergy are primarily female, though males are not officially excluded. The truth is many males are uncomfortable with the Rose Goddess’s espousal of gender equality.

Jorick, the Bear God

Lord of the frozen north, Jorick is a giant deity, born of the earth and snow. He is the patron of barbarians, hunters, and druids, and protects his worshippers fiercely. He appears as a frost giant, or as a monstrous polar bear. He is a fierce adversary of Amaan the White Ape. His alignment is Neutral Good, and his domains are Water, War, Strength, and Animal. His clerics gain the Wild Shape ability into a bear once per day as a druid of their level, while his druids gain an extra use of Wild Shape per day.


The mysterious veiled god Jhamun is the dominant religious figure of the near eastern continent of Zhamash. Jhamun was the only one of the fifteen gods to refuse to choose sides in the Godswar. Instead, he argued that a balance must be maintained. His attempts at mediation failed, and the Fallen Gods were cast out. There followed the rise of the Bright Lords, and their attempt at imposing a brutal new order, which caused him to leave the pantheon in disgust. The rise of Azathal and the Blood Elves also angered him, to the point where he decided that neither pantheon was worthy of the worship of its followers, and he set about offering an alternative to the world, the concept of the Balance.

He contacted a mortal, instructing him to set aside his identity and become the Veiled Prophet, the first of a line that would spread the word of Jhamun to the tribes of Zhamash, founding the Caliphate. From that point, his religion has spread until it dominates the near east, forming the heart of one of the most powerful human empires, and a driving force to bring a new order into being. His faith is obsessed with Order and Balance. His domains are Community, Knowledge, Nobility, and Law. He has paladins serving him, who may be Lawful Neutral in alignment. His clerics gain the ability to cast Dispel Magic against a caster of an opposing religion once per day.

Other Human Deities

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