Non Human Deities

Non Human Deities

Krushghar, the Red Warrior

The Orcish war god, patron of goblinoids, he is a fierce deity of battle and rage. He appears as a huge Orc warlord in red armor, wielding an axe of black fire. He is the Lawful Evil god of War, Strength, and Evil. His religion is one of might makes right, war, and conquest. His temples are well fortified, and filled with the dark fires that burn eternally in his name, into which captured prisoners of high rank are cast into to burn in his glory.

The Elven Gods

Their two gods are Shael the Moon God, who is the patron of the High Elves and the arcane, and Ysarael the Sky Goddess, who is the goddess of nature and druids. Their religion is a complicated blend of the civilized and the pastoral, a veneration for the greatest achievements of civilization and the harmony of nature. Both are great patrons of adventurers, both Elven, half Elven, and now also humans to a great extent. Shael is tended by clerics and favors heroes of any class. His devoted followers, who obey his code of chivalry and adventure, receive +1 non-magical bonus to hit with any one favored weapon. He is the Chaotic Good deity of Nobility, War, and Magic, and his temples are grand affairs of white marble, open to the moon, and bards are often associated with the temple to sing of the deeds of its famous followers, who’s legends are inscribed on the temple walls. It is considered to be the ultimate goal of any devotee to have their deeds recorded as part of the Silver Cycle of Shael.

Ysarael the Sky Goddess is tended by druids and rangers, and her faith is one of fierce protection of life and nature. She is the Neutral Good deity of Protection, Plant, and healing. Her temples are open groves with standing stones. Her followers are dedicated to protecting life and nature.

Dwarven God

Dwarves are very materialistic, to the point of rejecting most spiritual dogmas, preferring their god, Khar Mak Morn, the Hammer of the Heavens, and his theology of material gain and skill, to human concerns of the spirit. He is the Lawful Neutral God of War, Earth, and Wealth. He preaches a practical religion that emphasizes hard work as the way to prosperity, skill and craftsmanship in everything, and dwarven tradition above all.

The Elemental Gods

The powers of the elemental planes are the Great Beasts, the elemental dragons. They are venerated by the elemental races, dragons, goblinoids, Jann, and giants. They tend to neutrality in mortal affairs, being more concerned with the powers of the natural world, and seem to have inhuman concerns at times. Many druids venerate them, including the infamous Cult of Dread Wyrms and the Empyrean Order. They are: Zaphelion, Blue Dragon of the Air, Arkanon, Bronze Dragon of Earth, Cepheas, Green Dragon of Water, and Serakas, Red Dragon of Fire. Each has a draconic lack of interesting human affairs, save for the Elemental Templars of Zhuran, their druids, and the elemental Brotherhoods of Wind, Fire, Water, and Air, secret societies of Sorcerers who use their elemental power and bloodlines to manipulate world affairs.

The Primal Gods

Often called the Ancient Gods, the Mad Gods, or the Imprisoned Gods, these are the most ancient deities of the planet; vast, inscrutable primal powers capable of great cruelty and destruction. They are: Sharde, the Faceless One; Golgamakh, the Burning Colossus; Krahkal, the Snow Beast; Ragarrakh, the Lurker in the Depths; Jhaakath, the Shadow With Burning Eyes; Uruush, the Render in the Night; and Balmarath the Wrath of Lightning; They are cold, shadowy powers, hostile to most life, uncaring and chaotic. In the ancient days, they and their followers, the Rakshasha and the Naga, held all of the humanoid races in thrall. Their hold over the earliest humanoids was broken in the Hellwars when the fifteen gods united sent the divine host against them, defeating them and imprisoning them, and driving the Rakshasha and the Naga into their jungles.

Since then, they have slumbered in the darkness, venerated only by the Serpentine Empire of the Naga, the Rakshasha Empire of Kharazumi, and renegades who seek power without thought of its consequences. Their dark, chthonic power is chained to the Runes of Shadows, each of which holds one of the Primal Gods in check. These artifacts were made by the gods before the Hellwars, and keep the cold, indifferent Primal Gods imprisoned. If their followers ever can recover and use the runes to free their gods, then a new Godswar will break out, possibly ending the world. To this end, both the evil and good pantheons will still cooperate to keep the Primal Gods imprisoned.

Non Human Deities

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