The taciturn dwarves are one of the oldest races on the planet, dating back to the days before the Hellwars. Those that remain on the central continent are slaves of the Blood Elves, while on the Northern Continent, they still maintain several separate kingdoms, of which Dun Mohr and Krak Khazal are the most well known. They are sometimes allies of the Nhord, whom they aid against the giants and orcs. The dwarves have no central authority, with each clan having a clan chief, and, if enough clans gather in one spot with rich mines, an Underking. Dwarves are very materialistic, to the point of rejecting most spiritual dogmas, preferring their god, Khar Mak Morn, the Hammer of the Heavens, and his theology of material gain and skill, to human concerns of the spirit. Dwarves thus seem very cold, emotionless, and practical to other races. They are very covetous of wealth, and go to paranoid lengths to protect their own goods. They are premier miners, engineers, and craftsmen, constructing secure underground cities to store their wealth. They rarely seek out trade, preferring trade to come to them. (Dwarves use the standard dwarf stats, plus they gain DR 2/- as a racial ability. It stacks with all other DR.)


One of the oldest races, the elves were once a peaceful race that existed in harmony with nature. Their chaotic alignment was an offense to the lawful Bright Lords, who sought to impose their order on the world, leading to some of the overwhelmed elves appealing to the Seven Gods of Darkness for aid, creating the Blood Elves and much misery for the world. The elves are now shattered into four groups: Blood Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves. The Blood Elves are the half demonic rulers of Azathal, while the pure High Elves inhabit the Elvensong Isles, where they have built kingdoms of magical cities, fugitives chased from their original homes on Azath. The Wood Elves are pastoral elves, inhabiting the Forest Realm of Sidhe Taran, where they war with the goblins of Rhash-Akhar with their bows and druids. The Dark Elves are evil heretics who were driven underground by the Blood Elves, where they venerate the enigmatic imprisoned god Xhias the Shadow, and scheme to free him.

Elves are seen as emotional and temperamental, often changing their minds and attitudes on a whim. They are very artistic, and naturally inclined to arcane magic. They tend to be very isolationist and moody. Their two gods are Shael the Moon God, who is the patron of the High Elves and the arcane, and Ysarael the Sky Goddess, who is the goddess of nature and druids. Many elves also venerate the Gods of Light, though they do not usually join the Palladian Church. (Blood Elves use the Fey’ri stats, Dark Elves use Drow stats, High Elves use standard elf stats, plus they treat their prime stat for casting as if it were one step higher, Wood Elves use standard elf stats plus they gain 1d6 Sneak Attack as a racial ability. This stacks with the Sneak Attack class ability.)


Long the bane of civilizations from antiquity, the goblinoids are goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, bugbears, and ogres. Once they also ruled kingdoms like the elves and dwarves, but were subjugated by the Blood Elves. Now, on the main continent of Azathal they are slave warriors of the Blood Elves. On Thalladar, they mostly live in small tribal groups, raiding local settlements. There are a few exceptions, though. There is the large group of orcs, called the White Orcs, that live in the frozen north. Intermingled with giant blood, their frigid kingdoms of Jhortungar and Goremangar are allied with the giants of Jotungaard, and they war constantly with the Nhord and often raid as far south as the Elvensong Isles in their longships. They have giant blood in them, and are huge, fierce warriors who worship Krahkal, the Snow Beast, the frigid, tundra worm god of the North.

Second are the Red Orcs of the Crimson Desert, who are nomadic religious fanatics that worship the orcish god Krushghar, the Red Warrior. Under their Red Shahs, they seek to spread their faith over the south and east. Third are the Dark Orcs of the vast jungles of the south of Seros. They rule a coalition of jungle tribes of orcs and goblins that are sometimes allied with the Serpentine Empire and sometimes oppose them. They are cruel and violent, even for orcs, and they venerate the Primal God Uruush, the Render in the Night.

Third are the Dark Orcs of Theros, a kingdom of dark, demonic magic and necromancy, ruled by a Council of Warlocks who choose one of their numbers to be the Witch King. Last is the mighty empire of Rhash-Akhar, the largest kingdom of the goblin races on Thalladar. Goblinoids are considered cruel, violent, crude, and warmongers. They live for combat and are very hard to kill. (All orcs, goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, and half orcs gain the racial ability Fast Heal 1).


The halflings are short humanoids, the largest being no more than four or five feet tall. They are considered to be supreme merchants, sensualists, and sybarites. Their homelands in Azathal have long been conquered, and since then the halflings have spread and adapted to where ever they find themselves. After the collapse of Malabar, a large group of halflings traveled to the former Malabarese territory of Rhavhan renaming it the Five Counties of Highdale, and adopted it as a new home, while another group settled on the small island of Wintertree. They dwell in small communities, built around providing goods and services to a wide range of customers across Thalladar. Halflings are unusual in that they claim to have never had a god. Instead, they value religious freedom, worshipping whatever god suits them best. (Halflings gain a +1 un-typed bonus to all saves.)

The Sea Trolls

The Sea Trolls are one of the most ancient races on the planet, created, like the Rakshasa and the Naga, by the great Krakens, the first race to inhabit the planet, and they venerate the Primal Gods. They are huge, brutish, and savage, with vast appetites for sentient flesh for their gullets. Though the Sea Trolls themselves mostly slumber, their kin, the lesser trolls, have proliferated across the lands.


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