Salassar, City of Mystery

The world of Thalladar is in chaos. Five hundred and seventy-five years ago, the great Human Empire of Malabar dominated most of the known world. It’s mastery of demonic pacts and alchemy enabled it to hold hegemony for five hundred years, defying its two rivals, Dark Khoresh and Shaharzhad. Malabar seemed destined for world dominance until the Blood Elves of the Empire of Azathal decided the Tiefling aristocracy of Malabar threatened their own supremacy. The Blood Elves invoked the powers of the Seven Gods of the Abyss, awakening the slumbering, inhuman Kraken and their armies of brutal Sea Trolls, sending them on a wave of destruction across the planet, drowning Malabar in a tide of blood.

Now, civilization in the West is just starting to crawl out of the howling barbarism the destruction of Malabar sent it into. Feudal kingdoms have established their authority over the ruins of the old provinces of Malabar, and the Palladian Church attempts to establish a moral hegemony among the new kingdoms. In Salassar, the former main port of the Empire of Malabar, a nascent republic has sprung up among the ruins and refugees. Here, strange cults devoted to ancient evils abound, political rivals squabble and murder each other in the streets, the poor clash with the wealthy, wizards and sorcerers delve into ancient secrets, and the mysteries of Malabar remain hidden in the ancient ruins under the city. Adventurers now seek out the city for wealth, power, and glory, some hoping to merely gain material comfort, others seek to bring order out of chaos.