This is an idea I’ve floated around for a while for a new campaign world. It is very dark ages, with a more dark, Conan-esque and Elric vibe to it. Arcane magic will be less common, and its practitioners seen as mysterious and dangerous. Magic items will be more rare, other than potions and scrolls, and again seen as items of wondrous power. There will be more villains, and much of society will be locked in a struggle just to make do, with life being short, brutal, and cheap. There’s a corrupt universal church, dark cults and evil mages lurking about, and all around, ruins of a Roman-like empire which are full of dangerous monsters and ancient wealth beckon to adventurers.

Mostly what I’m trying to capture is the older feel of D&D, a more loot oriented, adventure oriented campaign, since I’m getting really burned out on City of Crypts and the save the world motifs. This campaign I hope will do what I was trying to do with Ainsleigh, though with a much more urban, sophisticated base to work in. So read up on Conan, Elric, Fafyrd and the Gray Mouser, to get in the mindset for this, and let me know if y’all are interested.


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